Welcome to "The Music Station Swansea" we are a leading provider of quality brand name musical instruments offering exceptional first class customer driven services.

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guitars & amps

We stock a wide range of guitars and amps by Fender, Marshall, Line 6, Peavey, Yamaha, Tanglewood, Laney, Ibanez, PRS etc. We also stock a range of studio gear such as 8 track recorders, monitors and effects pedals.

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Pianos & Keys

This department is probably one of the most well stocked and unique in the country. We keep up with the latest innovative products such as digital pianos ( including grands ) and keyboards in various different colours and finishes

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Lighting & PA

We stock everything you need to perform either at home or 'live', including speakers, mixers, amplifiers, microphones by EV, RCF, FBT, Dynacord, Yamaha, Peavey, Proel, Shure, Beyer and many more.




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The Roland Planet Store is now fully up and running with all the latest gear from Roland all ready to be put to the test in store! 

The Music Station Swansea is the first Roland Planet X Store in Wales. This store is now the biggest Roland outlet in Wales, offering some of Roland’s most exciting products all wired up and ready to be played. You’ll be able to try out everything from a Boss tuner to the top-of-the-range V-Drums TD-30KV electronic drum kit, as well as synths, Cube guitar amps, Boss effects pedals and a computer-based music production centre running the Sonar X2 DAW package.

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